Click-clack the Rattlebag


Photo: Michael Kirkham/Heart


Are you looking for a good scary — but not too scary — short story to read? Here’s a new one by Neil Gaiman titled “Click-clack the Rattlebag.” It’s a good example of pacing, description, imagery, irony …. all the things we strive to achieve when we write or tell a story. It’s also a story that would work either written like it is here or as a performance piece for something like Write of Way.

If you’re not familiar with Neil Gaiman, consider this a warning: His stories are addictive. Enter at your own risk.


Introducing Pablo


Pablo is an easy-to-use photo tool to help you create images for your blog posts. You can use the backgrounds Pablo provides, like I did above. Or better yet, you can use a photo of your own. As you’re out and about this summer, consider taking background photos that you might later use with your blog posts to add interest and color on the page.