Selfie with Blue Woman at the DAI

Selfie at the DAI

Here is my favorite piece of art from our recent visit to the DAI. Another day, I might choose another piece, but I had to go back and visit this one and take a selfie, so it’s my favorite. I’m not sure why she intrigues me so much. Maybe it’s because the docent said lots of kids were scared of her, and I thought that was absurd and insulting. (And that wasn’t the only absurd or insulting thing she said.) When I saw it, I thought, I want to know this woman’s stories. I think she’s lived an interesting life.

I could be all wrong about that. She might have lived the dullest life ever. But as writers, we don’t always look for the truth as it is. We look for the truth as we see it, and we write so other people believe our fiction is the truth — even when dragons appear in the sky or zombies shuffle into Walmart on a Saturday morning.


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