Microfiction inspiration

tiny booksDo you miss writing fiction? Yes? Who said you can’t write fiction on your blog? Maybe this is the right time to try writing microfiction, which is simply defined as really short fiction. Here are a couple of places to read some and get inspired.

Microfiction Monday Magazine accepts submissions, but you can’t publish on your blog until after they’ve either published or rejected your story. They publish weekly, but I don’t know how quick their turnaround is for submissions.

Also take a look at Flash Fiction Online. They also accept submissions, but again you can’t publish to your blog until after they’ve published or rejected your story, and it can take from 2-10 weeks to hear back from them. I’d use this site for inspiration, at least until after this quarter.

Finally, take a look at Nanofiction. They accept stories of 300 words and under. Once again, your story has to be unpublished, which includes your blog. They do, however, pay $20 for pieces they accept, which is rare. Take a look at their writing prompts for more motivation.

(Photo credit: screaminghippo.com)


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